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Interactive Classes & Masterclass Demos


A list of our masterclasses from 2015

Cupcake Classes hosted by Licks Cake Designs

Chocolate Decorating Classes hosted by The Wee Chocolatier

Kirsty French, owner says: ''We are very pleased to be part of “Pout” this year at The Corn Exchange Edinburgh. As well as having a delicious range of our own chocolates we will also be sharing our chocolate knowledge and holding workshops for you to create some of your own chocolate treats!''


These will be held throughout the weekend in the Masterclass theatre.

Including classes from:

Body Evolution Formula- ''The Hot Flush Fairy Solution''
Discover why your hormones are out of alignment, and learn the 3 simple steps to naturally reduce hot flushes and other menopause symptoms e.g weight gain around the middle.

Janice Bruce Design- ''Bring Colour Into Your Life''
How colour can enhance your looks or your home.

Diary Doll- ''Talking Pants with Carol Millie & Annabel Croft''
Carol Smillie will be #TalkingPants and telling the story of how she and partner Annabel Croft started a business that is literally changing the lives of women all over the world.

Soprano Ice- ''Discover The Secrets of Semi-Permanent Make Up''
Talk about the different circumstances where semi-permanent make up can be useful (cancer, alopecia, ageing brows, over plucking etc).

Issy Warrack Introducing Artistry & Bodykey- ''The Artistry Hydra- V Collection Masterclass- Refresh, Replenish, Revitalise''
Inspired by a Nobel Prizewinning discovery, the newly launched Artistry Hydra-V Collection will refresh, replenish and revitalise YOUR skin. Come and learn how the combination of Norwegian fjord water, Himalayan pink rock minerals and Hawaiian acai berries revitalise skin by helping lock in hydration.

Myles Hairdressing- ''Rapture Hair Extensions''
Rapture Hair Extensions simply the quickest and kindest hair extensions available today, a full makeover in just 1 hour with hair that is fantastic and fully re-usable.

Stella & Dot- ''Style Your Life''
To give every woman the means to style her own life

Fakebake Beauty at Home- ''Fake Bake Beauty opportunity'' 
An overview and demonstration of our Fake Bake Beauty products 

New U Clinic-