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Friday 06th September 2013

Edinburgh hairdresser Paterson SA gives hair tips

Edinburgh hairdresser Paterson SA has been trimming and teasing tresses for the past 25 years and now has three salons in Dalkeith, Lothian Road, Leith’s Commercial Quay, plus an academy.

In February this year, the talented team at the Dalkeith salon produced a stunning artistic shoot. Lynn Cairns, Dalkeith salon manager says,
"The inspiration behind these images came from a shoot we did 12 years ago with the late George Paterson. We wanted to use clean lines and emphasise beautiful, natural, commercial hair."

Hairdressers are reliably nimble-fingered, making chic up-dos look effortless and easy. Indeed, even though its your hair, hairdressers always make it look and feel better. So how do they do it? Ashley McMillan, a director at the Commercial Quay salon has these hair tips.
1.    Double shampoo - If you use a lot of products on your hair, use a shampoo for product removal and a second shampoo for cleansing the hair.
2.    Combing the conditioner through in the shower will detangle your hair, this is great for thick and curly hair and it will stop you pulling at any knots.
3.    Pat your hair dry; do not scrub wet hair with a towel, as it is more susceptible to breakage when wet.
4.    Use a nozzle on your hairdryer, it gives you more control of your finish.
5.    Always dry your hair in the direction you want it to lie, this will stop frizzing arising.
6.    Sleeping with your hair in a bun will protect your blowdry from curling or kinking, meaning effortless styling on day two.
7.    Put your hair in loose plaits and run your irons over them, this will create a subtle textured kink in the hair. Finish with hairspray to keep frizz at bay.
8.    Think of how old the ends of your hair actually are. A weekly conditioning treatment is like an anti-aging cream that will protect your hair.
9.    Be honest with yourself. If your schedule is hectic to do a weekly hair treatment, speak to your stylist about a leave-in treatment. Many product companies have a spray version so no need to worry about it making your hair feel greasy.
10.    Using a heat protect spray on wet hair not only protects it from the heat of your dryer, it also means there is no need to apply sticky products on dry hair before straightening.
11.    Treating yourself to a professional shampoo and conditioner makes all the difference to your hair’s condition, styling and the finish. They are slightly more expensive but a good investment for healthy hair. One salon professional bottle of shampoo guarantees 60 shampoos.

And you can catch the Paterson team in action at this year's Pout. For those looking for hair advice, a Nioxin expert will be on hand to give you the low-down on the state of your hair and you can even get your scalp analysed. You can also pick up tips on how to create different looks with just one hairdressing tool – ghd. And there will also be a style bar where you can book yourself in for a hair up.

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