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Wednesday 11th September 2013

Re-live the swinging sixties this season

Hard though it is to imagine as you sip a Pimms and enjoy one of the loveliest summers in years, the autumn winter season is not far off. Sorry!

However, in looking forward we’re actually looking back - there’s a distinctly 1960s retro feel to shoes, coats, trousers, dresses and skirts.  Fabrics are tactile and natural – tweed, leather and fur abound,  but brought bang up-to-date with good cuts and great lines.   

Here are some top tips from the Dresser.

Autumn/Winter 2013is high on style.  Chic is your watchword this season so think about updating your look by splashing out on one really fabulous statement item.

Biker babe jackets in black leather offer texture plus zips, which also feature heavily in coats, jackets and even down the back of jumpers and dresses.  Coats are boyfriend style and baggy, with some bright colours for the brave.

Kitten heels reflect the 60s theme and make a comfortable change from the clodhoppers we’ve seen recently!  Ankle boots are still on trend with some great colours. 

Pink isthecolour this coming season. If you have warm skin tone then make sure it is a coral pink rather than the girly kind.  Otherwise monochrome is still around and a great look - work it with a dash of accent colour.  Or ‘bling on’ a necklace or earrings to jazz up that white blouse or twinset.

Trousers are cropped and patterns are still wild and wacky. Wear ankle skimming patterned trousers with boots or that statement coat.  Add a blue or pink/coral jumper or shirt and you’ll be looking F A B. 

If patterned trousers draw too much attention to your middle, go for a patterned blouse instead. For the classics among you, patterns for either tops or bottoms may feel like overload. In which case, consider giving it a nod with just a patterned scarf, also popular this season.

Smart day dresses are everywhere, so you might want to invest in one inspired by Pierre Cardin.  

They say that if you remember the 1960s you weren’t there! Whether you were or weren’t, enjoy them this time around. Groovy baby.

Boden  offers a great range of 1960 inspired clothes.  Catch the LK Bennett online style videos on their website.  Pure  as always offer classic lines with a touch of French chic. Madeleine offers strong colours with ‘winter darks’ and ‘new black’.



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