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Monday 09th September 2013

Tanning with SemiChem

Summer might be fading but thanks to some top tanning products your sun-kissed colour can remain a little longer. From creams and mousses to gels and sprays, self-tanning products come in a variety of different formulas and shades. Some can take time to develop whereas others are instant. So depending on your tanning needs, skin-type and time allocation, there really is something for everyone. Retailer SemiChem stocks a wide range of brands well worth trying.

Beauty brand Garnier Ambre Solaire has been a standard bearer for fake tan over the years. Its No Streaks Wash Off product £7.49 is a tinted formula which gives skin instant colour. It is neither sticky nor greasy so once applied you can get dressed and go. And then there’s the smell. Because back in the first days of fake tan, nevermind any streaks, they always had a distinctive smell. The Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Wash Off smells fruity, perhaps thanks to the Apricot Extract it contains.

Sold in SemiChem, tanning brand St. Moriz has won legions of fans thanks to its streak-free application.  The range includes a self-tanning lotion, mist and mousse in different shades giving you the option between a radiant glow, to a more full-on deeper tan look. And with the mousse costing just £2.99, it’s a wallet-friendly option that delivers great tanning results.

For those in a rush tanning sprays are a time-saving option offering colour without any delay. SemiChem now stocks a new range called whitetobrown, currently only available in SemiChem’s Northern Ireland stores and online. The range includes a smooth cream and tanning mist, both priced £14.99 as well as an instant tan and mitt pack priced £19.95. For nervous tanning newbies, whitetobrown also does a wash off instant tan product. Whilst some tanning products are colourless, this gel formula is coloured so you can see exactly where it is going immediately: no risk of missing spots. And when you’re done, it simply washes off. It contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Extract to ensure that not only does your skin look glowing but it remains nourished and hydrated at the same time.

But whatever product or formula you opt for there are certain things any fake-tanner needs to do before even opening that bottle. Exfoliation is crucial before applying. Dead and dry skin can build up, and if you don’t take the time and remove it, the result can be a patchy and blotchy finish. So to ensure your tan is streak-free and seamless, exfoliate a few days before fake tan application. And do not exfoliate just before tanning as this will have an impact on the finished look.

Banish any dry skin as this could lead to uneven tanning with moisturiser. Concentrate on elbow, knees and around the ankles and wrists as these areas tend to be prone to being particularly dry. However, the aim is to have soft and hydrated skin so apply anywhere you think looks or feels like it needs it. And whilst silky soft and smooth skin might be on your wishlist, don’t wax or shave then tan. Plan a day between the two to avoid any mishaps.

All products mentioned are available via SemiChem stores or online.

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